Mitschnitt unseres Konzerts im Café Galao, Stuttgart:

Hintergrund: Knead & Sting ist ein von Michael Knead und Alexander Sting gegründetes Musikprojekt aus Stuttgart, das sich der Livemusik mit elektronischen Mitteln verschrieben hat. Die Instrumente der beiden ausgebildeten Studiomusiker sind Synthesizer, Drumcomputer und Sampler, die sie ähnlich wie eine Jazzband spielen – nämlich vollständig live improvisiert. Es entsteht minimalistische, hypnotisch-monotone, teils aber auch sehr melodische Musik. Eine Form von Ambient mit freien Jazz-Elementen, die sich immer wieder selbst neu erfindet.

Knead And Sting is the name of the duo Michael Knead and Alexander Sting. Both artists have become known with releases in the field of Techno and Progressive House. Who thinks, however, that they are producing Tech-House together is wrong: the Knead And Sting project stands for the collaboration of two musical free thinkers beyond all genre limitations.

At Lange Nacht der Museen in Stuttgart, Germany they’ve played a 2,5 hour live set which we’re proud to share with you here.

If you would like to get in touch with the artists, please check out their label website.

Part 1

Part 2

Part 3

We’re happy to announce that his month we will publish a whole remix album featuring remixes of Michael’s electronic pop song Springtime Rain in various styles ranging from Trip Hop to Electronica, from Deep House to Techno and even an Acoustic version by renowned artist Claude Young Jr. is included.

Here’s the full list of artists who have contributed to this project:

It will be completely free to download and come with a digital booklet, created in collaboration with award winning graphic designer Philipp Geisert.

— Access the free download here. —