Michael Knead

  • Release 2013
  • Genre Electronica

With several releases Michael Knead has made a name for himself in the field of electronic music. By writing the first EP for the newly founded Tales From The Inside label he is now showing his alter ego – playful Electronica music instead of beat-driven dance music.

The name Nova is no coincidence: In 1938 the Novachord was the first commercially built synthesizer with a conventional claviature. It has a distinctively melancholic sound that stands in the centre of the EP’s title song. However, Michael Knead has not composed a particularly sad piece of music. The 4 minutes of Nova are modelled on a typical song structure that has both verse and refrain and the Novachord’s catchy melody is contrasting with lively performed background sounds and a distorted bassline. All elements form a brilliantly bright star to send the listener to far away galaxies.

Much more naive seems A Moment Of Clarity, the Nova EP’s second title. It starts off with an innocent guitar and a friendly setting of everyday noises. But appearances are deceiving: the text “suddenly, all makes sense” (the producer himself is singing here) puts the listener in the condition of artificial shelter. Nothing makes sense in this song! As the powerful electronic beat starts, the track’s ambivalence is obvious. The return of the guitar seems almost ironic in this context. A sudden break – is it only a make-believe contradiction? This music’s sense lies on a meta level.