Michael Knead

  • Release 2013
  • Genre Electronica

Track List

Michael Knead’s music could be described best as organic electronic. It has often a character of pop songs with a lot of reminiscences. However at its heart it is always electronic music. After his EP Nova Michael Knead is now constributing another story to Tales From The Inside, his own record label:

Goldstaub (gold dust) is dominated by a synthesizer riff which is constantly transformed. The track starts with a dreaming sound texture, overlaid by echoed vocals. These, however, are strongly alienated so they transport more of a feeling than actual meaning. The piece is arranged in a progressive way and lives on its high contrast and an unusual arc of suspense. The main theme is constantly modulated in its timbre so it forms a gold-sparkling waterfall of sound. Goldstaub is a free floating piece of music, always in the flow and with a very unique structure.

Dort und Später (there and later) is the name of the EP’s second track. Originally it had been created as a remix for the spiritual Nu-Jazz piece Hier und Jetzt (German for “Here and now”) by singer-songwriter Marcella Li Garattoni. However it became an autonomous track very soon. Vocals and text – the main theme in the original piece – are now echoed and fragmented. The track’s content is still articulated but in a disturbing context. A bassline is dominating and a hard, broken rhythm is carrying the music along. Two sung verses have been reduced to a whisper track that has been layered over electronic textures. Text: “Life is passing by”.