Michael composes and produces music for almost all art forms and enjoy working together with artists from different fields. He offers music production as a service for image films, youtube publishers and videogames but also as ambient music for rooms such as hotel lobbys, events or as an integral part of a visual installation.

Clients and Collaborations

  • Carl Aborg, Stockholm
  • Kiki Brunner, Berlin
  • Figurentheater Bremerhaven
  • Kemira Germany GmbH, Frankfurt
  • Stefan Oberthaler, Vienna
  • Luzia Simons, Berlin
  • vanOns Communication Consultants, Frankfurt
  • Claude Young, Portland
  • Zimmermannfilm, Ludwigsburg

If you are interested in having a musical piece or even the whole soundtrack for your project composed, recorded or produced by me, you should get in touch below so we can discuss your project in detail:

If you’re interested in booking Michael for a live performance, please get in touch using the contact page.