We’re happy to announce that his month we will publish a whole remix album featuring remixes of Michael’s electronic pop song Springtime Rain in various styles ranging from Trip Hop to Electronica, from Deep House to Techno and even an Acoustic version by renowned artist Claude Young Jr. is included.

Here’s the full list of artists who have contributed to this project:

It will be completely free to download and come with a digital booklet, created in collaboration with award winning graphic designer Philipp Geisert.

— Access the free download here. —

With 16 releases so far Michael Knead has put his name on the map of both Electronica and Progressive House music. With this new EP he is showing a very personal style using his own voice (Inner Voices), a Piano and a variety of other acoustic instruments, for example a Viola (Disrupted) which he records, edits and enhances using self-programmed beats, synthesized textures and fragmented, sometimes alienated voice samples (Clouds). Some tracks are progressively arranged, some have an inherent song structure. The result is a 5 track EP that works like a small album. A musical journey into the artist’s subconsciousness and an emotional trip for the listener. This album shows Michael’s approach to a very unique style that does not fit into any predetermined genre.


Official Video Clip: